Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vacation Fun!!

Hey everyone,
As most of you might know we just got back from a family vacation in Oklahoma. Travis's brother and family live there and we went to visit them. They are our closest friends so we had a lot of fun hanging out with them and their kids. We haven't seen them in a year, so it was a good gathering, and the kids had so much fun together. Travis's parents were there too and of course it is always fun to see them. Chase was by Grandma and Grandpa's side every moment. You can see how much he misses seeing them. Wehad such a great time, and it was hard to leave. It is a bummer to be back to normal life again, but just knowing that the holidays are coming is getting me through the days. Well, we have a lot of pictures to post and I didn't even post half of them. The pictures were mostly from the zoo, and a restaurant called Logan's!!!

This is Chase thoroughly enjoying the peanuts. They just let you throw the shells on the floor. Just like Texas Roadhouse!!

Brooke enjoyed the rolls with the honey butter......

But mostly the honey butter!!!!!
Here are Grandma and Grandpa Esquibel just enjoying everything around them!!
What a cute couple!!

A whole bunch of monkeys just hanging out!!!
(I'm top left, Brooke is bottom left, Gabe is in the middle,
Travis is top right andLexie is bottom right)

What cute girls!!! They had so much fun on that little teeter-totter toy!!

Kory, Gabe, Chase and Brooke all enjoying the See-Saw!!

Corey and Lexie and Logan on the other end of the See-Saw!!

Logan and Chase in front of the penguin exhibit.
Brooke and Daddy!! They are both so cute!!!

This was one of the tigers that kept walking back and forth from door to door!!

Kory and me on a turtle!! She is the greatest friend!!!
I love ya Kory!!

Gabe, Logan and Chase looking at the Elephants!!

There are the girls again, taking a ride in the stroller!

I look dumb, but yes that is me!!!
All the kids on the turtle!!! What a cute bunch!!
They must have good looking parents!!:):):)

Well, we had a great time and want to thank Corey and Kory for their hospitality and love, and also thank Grandma adn Grandpa for all they did as well. We can't wait to see them all again. And this Christmas we will get to see evern more family and we are so excited.
We hopethat everyone is doing well, and send you all the best of wishes!!!
The Esquibels
Travis, Tiffany, Chase, and Brooke

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life is as fun and Crazy as Usual!!

Hey Everyone,
I just thought I would write a little something letting you all know what we are up to. Things here are pretty crazy, so its nothing that new. I have started a job at Payless Shoes part time in the evenings and I like it. It is a pretty mellow job, although I do stay busy. Plus I like the people I work with so it makes it ice. The extra money will be very nice. We are trying to save up some money because we will be going to OK in Sept. We will be visiting Travis's brother and his family. I am excited because any break from the crazy life will be fun. So thatis what we are looking forward to. And then before we know it the Holidays will be here, so we will need the extra money even more. I love the Holidays and am very excited about them being so close. Chase and Brooke are staying busy. they arealways getting into something or making a mess or just pestering eachother. It is amazing how fast they grow. Brooke is climbing onto everything now. The other day i found her crying because she had crawled up onto the entertainment center and got stuck in one the shelves. She is so crazy. Sometimes I think she should ahve been a boy because of how tough she plays. She can even be the one picking on Chase. It can be funny to watch, but I have to let her know that it isn't okay. They both get into trouble a lot. But they wouldn't be kids if they didn't, right? Well, Travis downloaded some pictures from his phone so I thought I would post some of them. They are so cute!

The other day we went to Wal-Mart to haveour tires changed and while we were waiting we went into their little game area and let the kids ride some things and they thought it was so much fun. Chase didn't actually play the motorcyle game, but he just thought it was fun riding on it. And then Brooke loved the Hot dog van. After we lether ride it she just didn't want to get out. they were both prettymad when we had to leave.

This was a picture from our townhouse in UT before wemoved, but I just thought Chase looked so funny I had to post it. He can be such a character!As you all knowthe park is chases favorite thing to do, and you can tell by the big smile on his face as he comes down the slide. This was also while we were in UT!
And this I just thought was cute. He just looks so innocent. Something that he rarely is. So to have caught it on camera was amazing! It can be so rewarding when they are sweet and cute like that! But we have to enjoy it when we can get it!

Well, we wish everyone the best. Take care and we hope to hear from you all soon.
The Esquibels

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To all our Friends and Family,
Now that I have the opportunity to post some more pictures here they are! My computer is cooperating so I have my chance to show everyone how much fun we can have when the weather is actually nice! And Since we have Mindy during the day we are able to bring her along, too. The kids have so much fun playing at the park! Chase loves flying the kite, and thinks it is so cool that something he is holding can go that high in the sky!
This is what our Kite looks like!! Pretty huh? We think so!
This is Brooke wanting to fly the kite, but as you can see Daddy has to do most of the work,
or it will just fall!

Swinging is fun! And swinging with your best friend is even more fun!
Are those girls Cute!! They just love the swings, and so does mom,
because I don't have to do much to keep them entertained!!

This was snack time! Not that Brooke needs more snacks, but who doesn't like to eat??
I know I like snack time and I LOVE nap time!
Posing for the cutest picture! Here are our two favorite men in our house!
And look at those muscules!

The coloring on this picture is not very good at all, but I tried to make it look the
best I could! Brooke loves to slide down the slide, too. Right up there with swinging is
sliding down the slide! And it is even more fun when I go down with her!
Well, As you can all see we just love the park. We have so much fun and we get to relax from the crazy life we have at home! Plus mommy can try to get a tan!:):):)
We hope that everyone is happy and healthy.
Best Wishes,
The Esquibels

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brooke's Birthday!!!

Well, I have finally recieved new pictures. But unfortunately this was the only pictrure that blogger would let me download. For some reason our computer isn't cooperating, so i will have to try again later. The one I posted is from Brooke's Birthday. Yes, I know I am a month late, but I'm sorry I couldn't get it done any faster! And Now here they are, and our family is as cute and happy as ever! Sorry if the picture looks a little dark, the lighting in our house was horrible so I tried to adjust it the best I could. We had so much fun on Brooke's Birthday. We had my sister Brittany and her family over, and we ate and played games and opened presents. Brooked loved her presents. She enjoyed opening the first couple ones, but then she didn't want to do it anymore. She just wanted to play. So Travis and I had to do quite a bit of helping!
Things here are going well. Travis is still at wal-Mart and has already recieved a raise. He is doing so well, and they love him!! Well, I am looking into getting a part time job and I have applied at Payless. I have an interview withthem in a couple hours, so we will see what happens. The kids are doing well. they are as happy and crazy as usual. They keep me on my toes!! I have little room for slacking! I wish I could be lazy more. Oh well, that is what happens when you become a mom. Well, we hope that everyone is doing well, and we thank you for all of your support and frindship!
See ya later,
The Esquibels

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Greetings from one crazy Family!

Hey Friends,

I am so sorry that I haven't done a new post for awhile. But I am not able to get my pictures developed yet. I have like three rolls to develop. So when I finally get them done, there will be a lot to post. I am hoping that within the next week or so I will be able to get the pictures. I will keep my fingers crossed. Well things here are just crazy and I am trying to stay sane. And I was planning on writing more, but Brooke is making it impossible. So I will try back soon. I hope that all is going well, and that everyone is happy and healthy!

With love from the Esquibels
PS Chase loved the turtles, so i decided to add them to the page! He just loves animals so much!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We Are Happy!!

Hello Everyone,
Sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog. It takes me so long because I can't just connect my camera to the computer and upload the pictures. I have to use my old camera and when I get them developed I just get them onto a CD and then download them to my computer. So to make my long story short, I'm sorry it takes me so long! I will try to do my best!
Anyways, things here are good. We are adjusted and happy in our new place. We are so happy with our ward. Everyone is so nice. They have all gone out of their way to introduce themselves and to get to know us. The only thing we don't like about our ward is the time we meet. We have church at 8:30 am. It is very hard for us to be on time, but we try. It is up to mom to make sure everyone is up and ready. Not an easy chore. But it is worth it. Travis is looking into working with UPS or with my brother-in-law Dustin at Bed Bath and Beyond. Both have better benefits and pay. So either one will help us to be better off. Well, now I am watching my sisters little girl. Mindy is so cute, and she is pretty easy to watch. Chase and Brooke just love playing with her. And the picture with chase in it is like a typical day. After Chase goes to the bathroom he doesn't like to put his clothes back on. I was lucky that he even had underwear on.

Brittany and Dustin were sealed on May 19 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were also sealed to their precious litle girl, mindy. I am so happy for them. It was such a wonderful experience for me. You could feel the spirit so strong and its times like that where you know just how true the church is. We are so blessed and I am so thankful to have the life I have.

And Brooke is now making all kinds of funny faces. It cracks me up. I was able to get some pictures of it. I love her so much. She can always bring a smile to my face. I just feel bad for her because Chase can be so mean to her sometimes. Well, he is almost three so needless to say he gets into trouble a lot. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with him. I hope that eventually he will get better. Maybe he will grow out of it by the time he gets into High School. Well, They are both my life and I love them more than anything else in the world. I love being a mom, but there aretimes where it gets to be too much and I want to just runaway. But then the time passes and I see all that I have to be thankful for and realize just how much I do love my life. Well, we hope that everyone is happy and that everything is going well, We wish you the very best!
The Esquibels

Friday, May 11, 2007

Now in COLORADO!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Well, we are moved and trying to get settled into our new place. Things are going pretty well. We can't complain. except that I can't find my wedding ring. I sure hope it turns up soon. Anyways, Travis got a job at Wal-mart for now and we will see if he can get something better. The benefits are pretty good, so if we can't find something better at least this will work out for right now. We are just happy and busy. I am always doing something around the house. My kitchen is so small and it drives me crazy at times, but it will be okay as long as it won't be for forever. Well, I don't have any pictures to post right now, but I will try to get some soon. We hope that everyone is doing well and will keep in touch!
The Esquibels

Friday, April 27, 2007

We are still here!!

Hello friends and Family!

Sorry it has been so long since my last posting. Things here are just crazy!! We are moving to CO this weekend. So the past couple weeks have just been busy, busy, busy. We are excited for our move, but it is just a lot of work and stress. We found a place to live in CO, but it is a 2 bedroom. It will be a little small, but we will be cozy! We only signed a 6 month lease, so when travis has a steady income in CO it will be easier to get a better place. It is hard to find a place to live when you have no proof of income in that state. But Travis is going to be working at Wal-Mart until he can get a better job. He is going to try to get a postal job, but he has to take a test first. So hopefully all will go good with that, but if not he will just keep searching for something better. We know that it will all work out. It always has and we know it always will. We have always been blessed and we are so lucky to be members of the church. The gospel is our biggest blessing. Anyways we are happy to be moving on to a new adventure. We hope that all is well with everyone. Sorry in advance if it takes me another couple weeks before I get around to posting more. We wish
everyone the very best and are thankful for all our friends and
family! Our new Address is 4615 Hinsdale way
#407, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. As far as a phone number we will just be using Travis' Cell phone until we figure out what we want to do.
His number is 801-734-0991. So we hope that everyone will keep in touch and we will do our best to stay intouch as well. Thanks for being such great friends! We love you all!
Much Appreciation and Love,
The Esquibel Family
(Travis, Tiffany, Chase and Brooke)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Fun!!

Well, Easter has come and gone, and all we have to show for it is candy and a messy house. We hope that everyone else had as great of an Easter as we did. It was busy and eventful, whci makes for a great day! We found Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, we went on an Easter egg hunt, had a BBQ, watched The Testamants movie, and also flew a kite. Scott and Alisha came over to help us celebrate, and they were the ones who gave us the movie. Chase had a new Easter tie (which you can't see in the picture) and Brooke had a cute dress with a hat to match. They were both adorable!! My mom gave us the dress and tie so we thank her! If it weren't for her they wouldn't have looked so cute! This is what the Easter Bunny left for Chase and Brooke and they loved it. They were both getting into their toys and candy before they even had breakfast!

This is the kids on the Easter egg hunt. Chase did pretty good at finding all the eggs. He did get disracted a lot with the candy inside, but when he realized that he could keep getting more candy it motivated him to keep looking. Brooke didn't do so good. She just sat in the grass and looked cute!! She had no desire to move and just had fun playing with her basket.

There were eggs planted in the grass in plain view especially for Brooke to find, but since she had little desire to get the eggs Chase found them all. I was so proud of him. He is getting so big and so smart. he did need some help with some of the eggs, but it was a blast just the same!

This is Chase and Daddy flying our kite. This wasn't on easter, but it was still fun. Chase thought it was the coolest thing in the world!!! They did this on Thursay and then again on Sunday. Sunday was not as windy so it was hard to do it, but Chase just has so much fun doing it, it was worth a shot!

They just flew the kite behind our townhomes and there is not as much space to run, so what we need to do is go to a bigger park so they can have more room to run and let the kite fly really high. Flying kites is very fun. I recommend everyone who hasn't flown a kite in a long time, to buy a kite and do it! You will have so much fun, and you will feel like a kid again.

Aren't they just so Cute??? Brooke thinks Chase is funny nad we think Chase is just plain crazy!!! But the two of them together are so much fun and we wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!!! How blessed we are to have all the blessings we have. We are thankful to our Father in Heaven everyday for all he has done for our family. We thank you guys as our friends and families for all your love support and friendship. We love you and hope all is well in your lives!!

Love Always,

The Equibels

Travis, Tiffany, Chase and Brooke

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Here are the Esquibels!!

Hey Everyone,

This is my wonderful Family. I am very proud of my two little ones!!
Well, I thought it would be fun to create a blog so that everyone could see what we are up to. We have a lot of things that we are trying to figure out. Travis and I are planning on moving to CO within the next month or so. So needless to say we have a lot to try to plan and work out to make that happen. Travis is going back to school so that he can become a dentist. It will be a long road, but it will be well worth it. Because of the cost of schooling in CO we are planning on just living there to get residency and then Travis will start school.

Chase and Brooke are getting so big. Chase will be three this July and Brooke will be 1 year in June. Chase is potty trained and trying to be a big boy. He can be a hand full, though!! And little Brooke is crawling and following Chase wherever he goes. He is teaching her all the things that she shouldn't be doing. But she just loves him so much, so no matter what he does she tags along! They are trouble, but they are so cute when they play together. What a blessing!!!

I am excited for Easter! I will be doing a little easter egg hunt for the kids, and I think that it will be a lot of fun. We will be sure to take pictures so that everyone can see how good they were at it!

That is pretty much the extent of our lives, and we hope everyone is doing well, and we wish you the best!!


The Esquibels