Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There was no school today and I didn't have to do to work either, because the day care closed for the day, too!The kids were so excited to wake up and see snow outside. Chase wanted to go out and throw snow balls at each other. The snow was not wet enough to make snow balls because it was just ice pieces. But we still had fun trying. And I was excited because I got a day off from work!!

Meet Tinkerbell...

Well, this weekend we got a puppy! There was a mom at the day care who was trying to find a new home for her, so I volunteered. Our lives are crazy busy, but she just looked so cute and tiny that it was hard to say no. So now we are trying to potty train her. Boy is that fun!!!! Its a good thing we already have gross carpet! But she is so much fun and the kids adore her. Chase is helping out a lot by taking her outside when its time for her to go potty. It is nice that he is old enough to help out with her. Anyways,that is our newest member of the family. I hope I don't end up regretting this!!! We wish you all the best! Love, The Esquibels