Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life is as fun and Crazy as Usual!!

Hey Everyone,
I just thought I would write a little something letting you all know what we are up to. Things here are pretty crazy, so its nothing that new. I have started a job at Payless Shoes part time in the evenings and I like it. It is a pretty mellow job, although I do stay busy. Plus I like the people I work with so it makes it ice. The extra money will be very nice. We are trying to save up some money because we will be going to OK in Sept. We will be visiting Travis's brother and his family. I am excited because any break from the crazy life will be fun. So thatis what we are looking forward to. And then before we know it the Holidays will be here, so we will need the extra money even more. I love the Holidays and am very excited about them being so close. Chase and Brooke are staying busy. they arealways getting into something or making a mess or just pestering eachother. It is amazing how fast they grow. Brooke is climbing onto everything now. The other day i found her crying because she had crawled up onto the entertainment center and got stuck in one the shelves. She is so crazy. Sometimes I think she should ahve been a boy because of how tough she plays. She can even be the one picking on Chase. It can be funny to watch, but I have to let her know that it isn't okay. They both get into trouble a lot. But they wouldn't be kids if they didn't, right? Well, Travis downloaded some pictures from his phone so I thought I would post some of them. They are so cute!

The other day we went to Wal-Mart to haveour tires changed and while we were waiting we went into their little game area and let the kids ride some things and they thought it was so much fun. Chase didn't actually play the motorcyle game, but he just thought it was fun riding on it. And then Brooke loved the Hot dog van. After we lether ride it she just didn't want to get out. they were both prettymad when we had to leave.

This was a picture from our townhouse in UT before wemoved, but I just thought Chase looked so funny I had to post it. He can be such a character!As you all knowthe park is chases favorite thing to do, and you can tell by the big smile on his face as he comes down the slide. This was also while we were in UT!
And this I just thought was cute. He just looks so innocent. Something that he rarely is. So to have caught it on camera was amazing! It can be so rewarding when they are sweet and cute like that! But we have to enjoy it when we can get it!

Well, we wish everyone the best. Take care and we hope to hear from you all soon.
The Esquibels