Monday, May 25, 2009

Its a Boy!!!

Most of you already know that I am having a boy. I am very excited. I have been thinking about names and it is very difficult for me, but I think that I am liking the name Austin Tyler!! Its kind of funny because my brother Tyler lives in Austin, TX, so it sounds like I am naming him after him, but it is just a coincidence. I feel like I get bigger every day!! I don't know if I will be able to make it to September!!! I guess I have no choice! Well, I thought I would finally post some pictures so you guys can all see how big I am getting! I wish you all the best! Take Care!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chase Lost His First Tooth!!!!!

I can't believe how excited I am about my little boy losing his first tooth! It has been loose for about a week and I kept telling him that as soon as he lost it he would be able to put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy would bring him money!! He thought that sounded pretty awesome so he wanted his tooth to come out. He kept asking me to take it out, but I told him he was just going to have to wait until it got looser and then it would come out on its own. Then yesterday he came yelling for me saying that his tooth came out! He was so excited about it and then he told me that the tooth fairy was going to bring him money!! He seems pretty proud that he lost his tooth and it makes me think about how fast he is growing up! I can't believe how the time flies!! I guess we need to enjoy every minute we have, because before we know it our kids are will be grown with families of their own!! Here's to today, lets make the most of it!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doctors Visit...

Well, I finally found a doctor here in Colorado, and I had my first visit with him yesterday! I was lucky because they happened to have a cancellation, otherwise I would have had to wait for another two weeks to get in! Anyways I listened to the heartbeat and everything is going good. I have my ultrasound in two weeks, on Friday May 15. And then I will get to find out what the baby will be. But that is only if the baby cooperates! Then, if we are lucky enough to find out what the baby is, I will need to come up with names! I am getting more and more excited about finding out what the baby will be now that I have an actually date set up for the ultrasound!