Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To all our Friends and Family,
Now that I have the opportunity to post some more pictures here they are! My computer is cooperating so I have my chance to show everyone how much fun we can have when the weather is actually nice! And Since we have Mindy during the day we are able to bring her along, too. The kids have so much fun playing at the park! Chase loves flying the kite, and thinks it is so cool that something he is holding can go that high in the sky!
This is what our Kite looks like!! Pretty huh? We think so!
This is Brooke wanting to fly the kite, but as you can see Daddy has to do most of the work,
or it will just fall!

Swinging is fun! And swinging with your best friend is even more fun!
Are those girls Cute!! They just love the swings, and so does mom,
because I don't have to do much to keep them entertained!!

This was snack time! Not that Brooke needs more snacks, but who doesn't like to eat??
I know I like snack time and I LOVE nap time!
Posing for the cutest picture! Here are our two favorite men in our house!
And look at those muscules!

The coloring on this picture is not very good at all, but I tried to make it look the
best I could! Brooke loves to slide down the slide, too. Right up there with swinging is
sliding down the slide! And it is even more fun when I go down with her!
Well, As you can all see we just love the park. We have so much fun and we get to relax from the crazy life we have at home! Plus mommy can try to get a tan!:):):)
We hope that everyone is happy and healthy.
Best Wishes,
The Esquibels

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brooke's Birthday!!!

Well, I have finally recieved new pictures. But unfortunately this was the only pictrure that blogger would let me download. For some reason our computer isn't cooperating, so i will have to try again later. The one I posted is from Brooke's Birthday. Yes, I know I am a month late, but I'm sorry I couldn't get it done any faster! And Now here they are, and our family is as cute and happy as ever! Sorry if the picture looks a little dark, the lighting in our house was horrible so I tried to adjust it the best I could. We had so much fun on Brooke's Birthday. We had my sister Brittany and her family over, and we ate and played games and opened presents. Brooked loved her presents. She enjoyed opening the first couple ones, but then she didn't want to do it anymore. She just wanted to play. So Travis and I had to do quite a bit of helping!
Things here are going well. Travis is still at wal-Mart and has already recieved a raise. He is doing so well, and they love him!! Well, I am looking into getting a part time job and I have applied at Payless. I have an interview withthem in a couple hours, so we will see what happens. The kids are doing well. they are as happy and crazy as usual. They keep me on my toes!! I have little room for slacking! I wish I could be lazy more. Oh well, that is what happens when you become a mom. Well, we hope that everyone is doing well, and we thank you for all of your support and frindship!
See ya later,
The Esquibels