Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vacation Fun!!

Hey everyone,
As most of you might know we just got back from a family vacation in Oklahoma. Travis's brother and family live there and we went to visit them. They are our closest friends so we had a lot of fun hanging out with them and their kids. We haven't seen them in a year, so it was a good gathering, and the kids had so much fun together. Travis's parents were there too and of course it is always fun to see them. Chase was by Grandma and Grandpa's side every moment. You can see how much he misses seeing them. Wehad such a great time, and it was hard to leave. It is a bummer to be back to normal life again, but just knowing that the holidays are coming is getting me through the days. Well, we have a lot of pictures to post and I didn't even post half of them. The pictures were mostly from the zoo, and a restaurant called Logan's!!!

This is Chase thoroughly enjoying the peanuts. They just let you throw the shells on the floor. Just like Texas Roadhouse!!

Brooke enjoyed the rolls with the honey butter......

But mostly the honey butter!!!!!
Here are Grandma and Grandpa Esquibel just enjoying everything around them!!
What a cute couple!!

A whole bunch of monkeys just hanging out!!!
(I'm top left, Brooke is bottom left, Gabe is in the middle,
Travis is top right andLexie is bottom right)

What cute girls!!! They had so much fun on that little teeter-totter toy!!

Kory, Gabe, Chase and Brooke all enjoying the See-Saw!!

Corey and Lexie and Logan on the other end of the See-Saw!!

Logan and Chase in front of the penguin exhibit.
Brooke and Daddy!! They are both so cute!!!

This was one of the tigers that kept walking back and forth from door to door!!

Kory and me on a turtle!! She is the greatest friend!!!
I love ya Kory!!

Gabe, Logan and Chase looking at the Elephants!!

There are the girls again, taking a ride in the stroller!

I look dumb, but yes that is me!!!
All the kids on the turtle!!! What a cute bunch!!
They must have good looking parents!!:):):)

Well, we had a great time and want to thank Corey and Kory for their hospitality and love, and also thank Grandma adn Grandpa for all they did as well. We can't wait to see them all again. And this Christmas we will get to see evern more family and we are so excited.
We hopethat everyone is doing well, and send you all the best of wishes!!!
The Esquibels
Travis, Tiffany, Chase, and Brooke